Hike Tour Masca Valley

The hike starts in the beautiful village of Masca seamed from lots of natural palm trees and leads us down through the impressive valley until we arrive at the sea.

We walk and climb on adventurous tracks in the middle of towering cliff sides. The path is lined with bamboo plants, exotic cacti, colourful flowers as well as small runnels. When we arrive at the sea you can enjoy a refreshing bath (depending on the weather) in crystal clear water, followed by a boat tour which brings us back to the harbour of Los Gigantes.

Sure footedness and solid shoes are necessary! On request we can walk the tour also uphill.

Planned Days:
Monday - Wednesday - Friday
Walking Time: 3.5 - 4 hours
Transfer Time from DIGA: 60 min
Difficulty Level: ●●●●○○
Altitude Difference: 50 m  
Altitude Difference: 600 m